What is .ng Domain Name life cycle?

Every .ng domain name has the following life cycle, once the registration period elapses, the grace period kicks in followed by redemption, and deletion in the following order:

  1. Registration Periods: 1 - 5 years
  2. Grace Period: 60 days
  3. Redemption Period: 28 days
  4. Deletion Period: 14 days

  • Domain names can be registered or renewed for a period of 1-5 years as long as the period does not cut cross the maximum allowed period from the registration or renewal date.

  • Once the domain name expires, it enters the "Renewal Grace Period (RGP)" of 30 days within which it is available to the registrant. During the grace period the domain owner, through a registrar, can renew their domain names at any time without penalty. However, a registrar cannot transfer the domain name to any registrar, unless it is renewed. From 30days to 60days after expiry, it goes into a suspension period; the same condition stated above applies, a registrar can’t transfer the domain name unless renewed.

  • Sixty days after the domain name expires, the DNS server of the domain name is no longer available & all services associated with the domain name (eg. website, emails) will automatically not be available. The domain goes into pending delete status.

  • At the end of the Renewal Grace Period, the domain name is under pending delete status for 28 days. This is the Redemption Period of 28days. During the “Redemption Period” the domain owner can redeem their domain name through the registrar by requesting that it’s restored.

  • 88 days after expiration, the Redemption Period ends. The domain name will be placed in a "Pending purge" status at the registry for up to 14 days. During this time, it is not possible for the Registrar to redeem, recover, or renew the domain name. The only way to get the domain name back to the Registrant is to wait for the domain name to be released by the Registry and made available for registration.

  • After the 14 days pending purge period, the domain name will be released by the Registry. At this point, the domain will be available to the general public for registration on a “First come First serve basis”.
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