How do I Register Domain Name?

The extension is a restricted domain and requires documentation to register.

It is allowed only for Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, and Universities. The following documents and contact persons are required for the registration.

  1. Request Letter Addressed to:
    Nigeria Internet Registration Association
    8, Funsho Williams, Alaka Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.
  2. Accreditation Letter from the National Universities Commission (NUC)
  3. Two points of Contact
    • Administrative Personnel
    • Technical Personnel

Once you have the required documents listed above, you can register your domain name with us. It will take between 3 - 7 business days to complete the registration and get your domain name ready for use. Once a domain name is approved and registered, the renewal or transfer is normal as every other unrestricted extension

You can register a here and provide the necessary documents for processing.

  • Email, SSL
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